We are Lost on the Metro, a St. Louis-based duo! 

We have been percolating in grunge, alternative folk, and multiple other genres of music for decades. However, it wasn't until a few years ago that we really found our "sound" and started sharing our story through our lyrics and melodies.  A fan of ours recently referred to us as, Rockcoustic. That pretty much captures who we are and we like it and embrace it.  

As late bloomers in most things in life and becoming first-time parents in our 40's, we have found ourselves with this renewed passion for making music together. We have been together for 26 years, and so we kind of finish each other’s sentences in a way. David writes the riffs and Jilly jumps in with lyrics like jumping on a moving train. Every song develops like that. It’s very fluid, with stops and starts and a natural comfortable progression until we feel like it’s done.

We like to think of our music as this recipe we are constantly tweaking and perfecting – chunks and spoonfuls and dashes of every kind of music we grew up listening to. Percolating in our own issues, talents, and weaknesses, we each bring something special into the rehearsal space, and our music becomes this soothing blend of familiar experiences for people who have ever suffered grief or heartache and struggled to get through it. We hope our music touches you, helps you get through the moment or at least helps you know you aren't alone. 

No matter what stage of life you're in, our music is a safe place to get lost and find yourself again. We can't wait to share more with you!

our latest release

Release Date February 10, 2023

Featured Singles

Letters & Landlines

Lost on the Metro

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Percolating in grunge, indie & country we have our own lyrical & melodic style

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An Awesome write-up by rag talent click here for more

@lostonthemetrostl, I think Indie Rockcoustic, I think I just made up that word. You have your own lane to me. My thoughts on the album if you don't mind. Love it. Starts strong and keeps building. I am fortunate to have a very resolving HiFi and it loves your album. I can hear and feel the space on the record, sparse yet very full, great production, never overproduced and the recording volumes allow for great dynamics. Completely song focused, no gratuitous layering. Lead singer has lovely infectious voice, harmonies are spot on and sweet. Love the instrumentation choices. Guitars and tones kill, I'm a guitar player. Great songs. Unsaid, WOW! Sorry to go on. I hope you get to the Chicago area. I would love to see you live. Peace.” - toneranger58


Live performances

Just wanted to say I love, love, love your sound! And your voice is amazing... You're giving me Janis Joplin and Lana DelRey vibes on some of the tracks. ” - Abby O'Rourke

— PM

Studio Work & rehearsals

It’s like Peter, Paul and Mary meet Alanis Morissette.” - Leslie Mansky

— PM